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"he has you on a leash!" "only literally..."

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15 May
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  • Pyrrhic Comedy

Rules Of Conduct

I am a friendly person! Do not be afraid to talk to me. I am usually willing to have a conversation with anybody about anything, and I love to see discussions and debates take off in my journal. However, I will lock your comment thread if I catch you being rude or picking a fight, and I will ban you if you do it more than once. Be nice.
My Friending "Policy"

I'm really arbitrary about this. Generally speaking, if we've talked a bit, and we hit it off, and your journal, like, is in a language that I can read, I will friend you, regardless of whether or not you've friended me. But then sometimes I'll instantly counter-friend you if I like your username, or something, even if we've never spoken before. So don't think too hard about it.
Do I Mind If You--

I make stuff! You can translate that stuff, or make fanworks of that stuff, or icon that stuff or use it for layouts or whatever, without asking my permission. It's cool with me. Credit as appropriate. If you translate one of my fics, please let me know, so I can link to your translation from the original story.
How Else Can You Reach Me?

Feel free to private message me! You can also e-mail me at psilonis@gmail.com, or find me on Twitter, DeviantArt, or AIM at username "PyrrhicComedy" (although due to some unpleasantness, I now only accept Twitter follow requests from people I know pretty well). My emergency contact information is here.

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anomie, anything shiny, better than it sounds, burlesque-dancing nazi-fighting spies, ethics, feminism, fire emblem, history, hot revolutionary messes, improbable hope, my adorable fucking cat, quakerism, sexy violence, smooth real smooth, so bad it's good, so wrong it's right, the drawly drawlies, the protestant reformation, thinking hats children, writing

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