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The Cold War Reenactment Society

Like the American Civil War Society, the Revolutionary War Reenactment Society, and other similar organizations, the Cold War Reenactment Society (CWRS) seeks to recreate the drama and excitement of one of the most important conflicts of the modern era. By joining now, you too can participate in a legacy of espionage, paranoia, and suspense once thought lost forever!

How do I play?

It's easy!

1) Find a suspicious person. The internet is full of them. Do you know anybody? Chances are, they're doing something suspicious.
2) Monitor them.
3) Leave them a message informing them that their abnormal and unpatriotic activities will be reported to the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations and that they should expect a court summons to arrive at their home in the near future. Stamp your post with the icon above.
4) Link them back to this page, and congratulate them on having just participated in a Cold War reenactment event! They didn't want to participate in the Cold War? Neither did most of the parties involved in the Cold War! It adds to the authenticity. Encourage them to do their part in fostering an environment of confusion, suspicion and fear.

Do I have to be from the United States or a nation of the former Soviet Union in order to play?

Of course not! The United States and the Soviet Union wanted everybody to pick a side! Nor do you have to pick the same side as your nationality might suggest. Fight for communism from your parents' home in Iowa and savor the thrill ride of the double agent!

Do CWRS members participate in any organized meetings or activities?

Absolutely not! Direct confrontation with other Cold War reenactors goes against the spirit of the Cold War.

What if I want to reenact the Cold War at home? What should I do?

Here are some fun activities you can try:

- Eavesdrop.
- Rifle through someone's belongings when they aren't looking.
- If you are a student, the CWRS encourages you to copy someone's homework without them noticing. If they catch you, inform them that you would never participate in espionage, as it is a violation of international law.
- Invade somebody's personal space. If they try to start a fight with you about it, accuse them of upsetting the balance of power.
- Build a wall in an inconvenient location.
- Denounce communism.
- Denounce capitalism.
- Refuse to wear jeans. Accuse people who wear jeans of being unpatriotic.
- Have a staring contest with another CWRS member.
- Visit your nearest Chinese embassy. Flirt with the first employee you see. Then give them the cold shoulder if they try to ask you out. (Valid for both sides.)
- Build up a needlessly large arsenal of water balloons, wiffle balls, plastic forks, or other weapons of mass irritation in your bedroom.
- Read someone else's e-mail.
- Trade embarrassing pictures of yourself with another CWRS member, and conduct all future dealings with that person under the grim onus of mutually assured destruction.
- Question loyalties.
- Have a space race. If that's outside your budget, race at something else. Do you draw? Write? Sing? Play sports? Find someone else who also shares your hobby and race that shit.
- Build a bomb shelter out of extra cushions and blankets. Never use it. Feel safer anyway because it is there "just in case."
- Throw a paper airplane at somebody while they are trying to concentrate. When they demand to know what you're doing, insist that it was just a weather plane.

I'm sure there's more--share your ideas for how you can bring the Cold War to life!

Can I make CWRS t-shirts, fliers, coffee mugs, tattoos, subdermal implants, etc?

Your pride in your homeland (whichever one you picked) is commendable. You can find a high res version of the CWRS logo here; feel free to use it for anything you like. All elements used in its assembly were copyright and royalty free.


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